1. It is commonly known that patients of Burns die of infection and infection is due to dead tissue. Following this simple statement, globally the gold standard in the management of acute Burns is early excision and grafting.
  2. Surgery is undertaken with in 72-96 hours. All the dead skin is meticulously radically removed by early excision surgery and the wound is resurfaced with homograft (processed cadaver skin).
  3. After about 3 weeks, either the wound epithelizes completely or the deeper wound areas are auto grafted.
  4. In India Dr. Sunil Keswani at National Burns Center has pioneered the technique of early excision and homografting (glycerol preserved cadaver skin from Skin bank).
  5. The National Burns Center is the only Burns Center in India where patients routinely undergo early excision and Allografting surgery.
  6. The in-house State-of-the-art Skin bank supplies the much needed high quality meshed homograft
  7. This new and first of its kind treatment methodology has proved extremely beneficial in improved clinical outcome and reducing the mortality and morbidity of extensive burns patients.

Surgery in Burns

Acute Burn Sequel

  • Dressing

⇒ Silver sulphadiazine cream.

⇒ Vaseline betadine guaze.

⇒ Acticoat/Mepilex AG.

⇒ Collage.

  • Surgeries 

⇒ Early excision and skin grafting.

⇒ Escharotomy.

⇒ Fasciotomy.

⇒ Amputation of Gangrenous part with Flap or graft (In case of electrical shock burn).

Post Burn Sequel

  •  Hypertrophic Scar

⇒ Tangential excision of scar and over grafting.

⇒ Coconut oil massage.

⇒ Tightening of crepe bandage.

⇒ Pressure garment.

⇒ Cica-care gel.

⇒ Kenacort Injection.


⇒ Microstomia release.

⇒ Neck contracture.

⇒ Eye ectropion.

⇒ Axillary contracture.

⇒ Web space contracture.

⇒ Flexion contracture of MP joint and IP joint.

⇒ Popliteal contracture.

⇒ Ankle contracture.

⇒ Ear reconstruction surgery.


⇒ Neck Contracture release.

⇒ Skin grafting or Z plasty.

⇒ Eye ectropion release with skin grafting.

⇒ Axaillary contracture release with Z plasty.

⇒ Web space contracture release with Z Plasty.

⇒ MP joint of hand contracture release with groin flap with K – wire.

⇒ IP joint contracture of Hand release with capsulectomy with X Plasty with K wiring.

⇒ Popliteal contracture release with X Plasty with STSG.

⇒ Elbow contracture release with X Plasty with STSG.

⇒ Tissue Expander.


⇒ Dressing with Silversulphadiazine cream.

⇒ Vaseline betadine gauze.

⇒ Acticoat.

⇒ Central Venous Catheterization.

⇒ Tracheostomy, Catheterization.

⇒ Venisection.