NBC has organized training program for the nurses throughout the year. Staff Nurses and Student Nurses from various hospitals and College of Nursing have participated in the training programme. The duration of the training programme was one week. The training programme primarily aimed at providing the nurses with the rigorous grounding in the theoretical and practical components that underpin the practice of Burns Nursing and enable them to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients with burn by planning and implementing latest burns management.
The training basically included lectures for the participants that focused on

  • Burns Pathophysiology
  • Epidemiology
  • Types of burns
  • First Aid management
  • Assessment of burn injury
  • Management (Primary, surgical)
  • Biological skin substitutes
  • Education programmes to prevent burns

Apart from that, the nurses were also posted in the Operation Room, IBCU, and General wards for practical experience in the comprehensive management of the burns patients
At the beginning and at the end of the programme, the nurses are assessed with their knowledge levels and comparison is assessed. As a token of appreciation in participating in training programme, candidates are given with their certificates.

  • Besides educating the other staff, NBC also conducts in-service education programes as Continuous Medical Education (CME) for in-service doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, near about 50 topics are being covered by 15 faculty members (in-service) and was attended by 150 delegates.
  • NBC also conducted a CME workshop programe on theme NEWER MODALITIES IN BURNS MANAGEMENT” for all plastic surgeons, physicians and nurses. Near about 100 delegates and 10 faculty members given their valuable presentations
  • NBC being the one of its kind tertiary care burns center in the country attracts many medical students interested in Burns Training from different parts of India. All the students are trained free of cost under the guidance of an eminent plastic surgeon, Dr Sunil Keswani.
  • Under the guidance of Dr Sunil Keswani, NBC also conducted education programe for the primary physicians (25) in and around Mumbai on primary management of minor burns at clinics.
  • NBC has organized training program for the Biotechnologist in Skin Bank as well as in Research.
  • Nurses, Physiotherapists, Doctors and Biotechnology students are given training at NBC throughout the year.
  • Following are the students trained since 2002:
  1. Nurses – 1200
  2. Physiotherapists – 600
  3. Doctors (MBBS and Plastic Surgery)- 100
  4. Skin Bank and Research – 100