Objective of Operation Restore

  • “the main objective of Operation Restore Camp is to correct the functional deformities and help the economically challenged Burns Survivors to lead a normal life.”
  • Rotary Club of Deonar and Bombay North organises Operation Restore, FREE surgery for reconstruction of deformities for Burn Survivors camp along with National Burns Centre.
  • Started in 2011 ,Operation Restore provides free reconstructive surgery for post burns deformities. Co-ordinated by Dr. Sunil Manohar Keswani, Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director at National Burns Centre, Airoli and aided by various Rotary Clubs in Mumbai such as Rotary Club of Deonar and Rotary Club of Bombay North, this project has operated and changed lives of burn survivors ever since
  • Survivors of severe burns may face devastating sequelae due to the development of burns scar contracture. Contractures by nature are excessive scar tissue of insufficient extensibility which results in loss of range of motions hence, hindering day to day functioning.
  • Operation Restore is been successfully conducted thrice a year with voluntary help from various surgeons and other healthcare workers from outstation

Key Facts

  • Operation Restore identifies burn survivors of economically weaker sections having functional deformities and contractures,and posts them for surgeries
  • Treatment includes pre-op screening, corrective surgery, post- op care
  • The treatment normally would have cost the patient over a Lakh of rupees. However, this is provided totally free of cost to the burn survivors,thanks to the sponsorship by Rotary
  • The burn deformity surgeries are conducted by a specialized team of Doctors which includes Surgeons, Anaesthesiologists, and Nurses with extensive experience in the field of Burns.
  • 24 such camps have been organized in last 10 years at National Burn Center with the help of lead clubs Rotary Club Deonar and Rotary Club Bombay North with many other Rotary Clubs.
  • Operation Restore has so far benefitted over 700 patients from all over India.

Preparation of the camp

  • Starts months in advance , brain storming sessions between Rotary Club members and National Burns Centre team members.
  • All modes of communication are used to reach out to patients (what’s app, snap chat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, news papers) to inform them about this project
  • In pre-covid times, 3 day camp was organised hence, treating 20 patients. However now, due to the ongoing pandemic . 2 patients per week are admitted and operated with all the covid norms and protocols in place.
  • The screening is conducted by the medical team under the guidance of Dr Sunil Keswani, The Medical Director of National Burns Centre. Assessment is done according to their functional deformities which need corrective surgeries

Role of Rotary

  • To help in getting patients and in logistics of the surgery camp and also to bear the cost of surgery

Role of National Burns Centre

  • National Burns Centre provides the Operation Theatres, surgical instruments, operative equipments, wards, doctors, nurses and para-medical staff also manages post op care and rehabilitation of the patients

Research at National Burns Centre

Burns can affect every organ, as well as your ability to function physically and socially. Over the past few decades, despite a variety of therapeutic strategies proposed to accelerate the healing of acute or chronic wounds, effective treatment for chronic non-healing wounds still remains a challenge. From basic science exploration to clinical trial excellence, National Burns Center provides an extraordinary environment for innovative biomedical research to flourish and succeed. Our main aim of research is to improve the quality and outcomes of treatments by understanding the molecular mechanism of wound healing and application of novel therapeutics to facilitate translation of promising therapies for patients with burns. As the India’s one of foremost Burns Centers for Clinical and Translational Science, NBC is swiftly moving research from the bench to the bedside to change lives.

Major focus areas were identified

  • Developing Indigenous artificial skin
  • Cell culture for growing skin in lab
  • Use of different skin cells for treatment of post-burn hypertrophic scar
  • Development of novel creams and ointment for the treatment of burn scars
  • Produce the highest quality products for burn treatment for clinical trials
  • Develop new technologies for translation of cellular therapies

Collaboration and Innovation

There are an abundance of cross-specialty collaborations happening on our campus every day, and we also work with several outstanding community partners. We strive to help our researchers pursue patents as well as other entrepreneurial endeavors.

FAQs for Operation Restore (OR)

It is reconstructive surgeries for post burn functional deformities

  • Neck contracture
  • Axillary contracture
  • Elbow contracture
  • Hand fingers/ toes contracture
  • Knee contractures
  • Microstomia
  • Ectropion of eyelids

Patients with post burn functional deformities who fall below or near the poverty line can register for this camp.

Rtn. Vishnu Kamath – 98202-81068
Rtn. Rema Nair – 97695-49588
Dr. Shilpa Karnik – 022-27793333
Ms. Kanan Gharat – 022-27796660

These surgeries including patients hospital stays, anesthesia, surgery, medicines, physiotherapy, splints and consumables are totally “FREE”.

Depending upon the deformity, hospital stay will be one to three weeks.