Over the past few decades, despite a variety of therapeutic strategies proposed to accelerate the healing of acute or chronic wounds, effective treatment for chronic non-healing wounds still remains a challenge. At National Burns Center, the focus of the research is to find the ways for the treatment of burn patients through culture system and exploring the molecular mechanism where we can unfold the involved pathway that are altered in burn patients. To take the advantage of in-vitro culture system, for possible transplantation and treatment of non-pigmented or hypo-pigmented patches on skin, we developed melanocyte-keratinocyte co-culture system, which brings a gratuitous hope. To use the tremendous capacity of adult stem cells, we are trying to isolate stem cells from skin tissue/hair follicles etc. keeping a hope that stem cell would be a potential therapeutic interventions. In another study, we looked into the molecular machinery that gets altered in abnormal scar or hypertrophic scar in post thermal injury. We sincerely put our effort to understand and tackle the problem of burns in which we can bring the research findings from bench to clinic.

Our Research Team :

Sitting from left to right: Dr. Shruti Dutta, Dr. S.M.Keswani (Medical Director),Dr. Mamata Mishra

Standing from left to right: Ms. Tanvi Virkar, Ms. Reshmi Varghese, Ms. Vaishna Upendran, Mrs.Sangita Panda

Aim of Research:to find advanced ways for treatment of burn patients through cell culture, scaffold preparation and by exploring the molecular mechanism to unfold the involved pathways that are altered in burn patients so that the research findings can be translated from bench to bed.”

Project-1 To optimize the isolation and culture protocol of Keratinocytes from human donors for possible future clinical application on burn wound for accelerated wound healing.

Immunofluorescence image of Keratinocytes cells

Project-2 Development of melanocyte-keratinocyte co-culture model to study melanogenesis in normal skin and hypopigmented skin.

Bright & Immunofluorescence image of Melanocytes cells
Bright & Immunofluorescence image of Melanocytes cells

Project-3 To develop a cost effective dermal substitute to be used along with STSG in treatment of full thickness burns.

Acellular Dermal Matrix(ADM) prepared at NBC.

Project-4 Role of WNT signaling pathway in hypertrophic/abnormal scar post thermal injury

Comparison of Epidermis thickness in scar as compared to normal

Project-5 Isolation and characterization of epithelial stem cells from bulge region of human hair follicle and its implication in deep burn wound patients

Isolation of stem cells from Hair bulge
Working in cell culture lab in Bio-safety cabinet
Watching cells through Inverted Microscope
PCR Machine
Nano Drop for Protein and Nucleic acid Estimation
Upright Microscope