Smiling pictures of staff and child patient

One of the camp patients when interviewed post surgery said that, “I stay in Haryana and was burned at home while cooking. My primary treatment was done in Lucknow after which I had developed severe deformities wherein I could not even drink water or eat on my own. My both hands were stuck to my chest. I saw a post regarding Operation Restore on social media after which I came to Mumbai in 2019 for my first visit in National Burns Centre. I have been operated six times for different parts of the body ever since, both my hands are free now there is no pain anymore I eat on my own and I even cook, I never thought that I would be able to things independently again in my life. I am indeed grateful to the Rotary, National Burn Centre and the wonderful project called OPERATION RESTORE.

Harpreet’s Story

  • A 20 yr old male patient with A/H/O : accidental flame burn due to stove blast at his residence in 2015
  • Diagnosis : 70% Flame Burn Injury
  • Surgeries Done In Operation Restore:
  • Release of Neck Contracture
  • Release of Bilateral axillary Contractures
  • Relese of both elbows and wrist contracture
  • Release of flexion contractures of both hand fingers

Mom Deepali Bhave herself is a Burns patient. Both got injured in a LPG gas explosion – when they rushed to the neighbour to help them with leaking Gas cylinder in kalyan.
Deepali’s brother also got injured.
No compensation from gas co.
Deepali has one more elder daughter than Purva who is visually impaired.

But thanks to Operation Restore – life is back on rails.
Purva going to school.
Deepali, who is now a single mother ( abandoned by hubby ) makes a living by selling hand made baskets in kalyan with her mother.

God bless Operation Restore !

Around 700 lives touched ! 💐