• The National Burns Center (NBC) promoted by the Indian Burns Research Society is a unique and pioneering project to tackle burns holistically.
  • Our primary goal is to evolve simplified methods of treatment to reduce cost-of-treatment & and to give a near normal functional life to burn survivors.
  • IBRS was formed in 1985 and is registered as a charitable institute with the Registrar of Charities, Mumbai
  • The National Burns center promoted by the Indian Burns Research Society hospital was commissioned on 5th October 2001 with 50 bed capacity
  • The National Burns center is a holistic specialized center of excellence for Prevention, Treatment, Training, Rehabilitation & Research, relating to Burns
  • Philosophy of Indian Burns Research Society-
  • To touch the life of suffering burns patients, understand their problems and provide    solutions in terms of pain relief, scar management, deformity corrections and ultimately physical, psychological and social rehabilitation.
  • Hospital was commissioned on 5th October 2001 with 50 beds capacity
  • Intensive Burn Care Unit (IBCU) was inaugurated on 2nd Aug 2009
  • Skin bank was inaugurated on 21st NOV 2009
  • Central Library Facility with WIFI connectivity inaugurated on 14th June 2014
  • Up-gradation of  Department of  Physiotherapy and inauguration of Stem Cell therapy Lab in 2014.
  • Organic Farming Started From July 2014.
  • First Butterfly garden inaugurated on 15th January 2017 and second Butterfly garden started in June 2018
  • H J Nain Auditorium was inaugurated on 7th April 2019
  • Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  • Step-down – Special facility with Operation Theater for Operation Restore/ Acid Burn Survivors -24 beds
    Solar System
  • Pathology and Microbiological Laboratory.
  • X-Ray Unit
  • 24 Hours Pharmacy.
  • Dialysis Unit – 2 beds
  • Skin Regeneration Laboratory
  • Burns Ambulance & Skin Bank Ambulance
  • 24 Hours Cafeteria
  • Two 125 KVA generators for uninterrupted power supply
  • Rain water-harvesting Facility / Bore wells


  • Large separate cubicles (8 cubicles)
  • Each cubicle has separate air conditioning system with separate 3 air filters of Each cubicle has a separate nurse (Nurse-patient ratio of 1:1)
  • Each cubicle with multipart monitors to monitor pulse, BP, SPO2, ECG and CVP
  • Each cubicle with remote controlled beds where all functions of the bed can be activated by a switch both by the patient and the nurse
  • Two cubicles with Renal Dialysis Facility
  • A separate dressing minor operation theatre inside the IBCU
  • Central monitoring station where all the patients’ parameters can be seen.
  • Well trained burn nurses and Intensivist.
  • Resident medical officer’s room and Surgeons Lounge inside the IBCU.
Corridor view
Mini OT in IBCU
Individual cubicle
Nursing Station


  • 4 Well-Equipped Operation theatres with modern burn surgery equipment.

Operation in progress…..

Dialysis Unit

Acute kidney injury is a rare event, is a major complication in burns. It results from a complex interplay of various cellular and neuro-humoral changes affecting burn patients. Although kidney function returns to normal for most burn survivors, a minority require long-term dialysis. In order to manage such patients, dialysis unit was established at National Burns Center.

View of Dialysis unit