Activities for OPD patients

Pinching exs. – peg board
Ultrasound for tennis elbow
Finger ladder- shoulder mobilty
Shoulder wheel for shoulder mobility
Short wave diathermy- low back pain
Gripping exs.withTherapeutic ball

Social Activities (Operation Restore)

The main objective of the Operation Restore camp is to correct the functional deformities and help the economically challenged burn survivors to lead a near normal life who could not afford the corrective surgery.

National Burns Center has conducted three  Operation Restore camps in every 4months interval. National Burns Center provides, hospital space, operation theaters, surgical instrument, operative machineries, hospital wards, surgeons, doctors, nurses, and paramedic staff and also manages the post-operative care and rehabilitation of the patients.

Operation Restore camp was conducted from 2nd to 3rd 2016, patients were operated  during this period. Operation Restore camp was conducted from 30th & 31st  July 2016 17  patients were operated  during this period.  The patients which were operated during Operation Restore benefitted greatly and now lead better lives.

Other activities at NBC

  • Organic Farming  at NBC campus

Nutrition plays a very important role in speedy recovery of burns patients. The nutrition requirement of patients is taken care by growing organic vegetables in-house through organic farming.

Burn Survivors’ Group at NBC is an open group for burns survivors wherein they would discuss their worries and concern. The session goes on for approximately 90 minutes and takes place once a month. If required, individual treatment is also provided to the patient by our psychiatrist & clinical psychologist, post group therapy session.

  • Weekly CME at NBC:

In order that the staff and students at NBC are regular updated about Burns, Various modalities and approaches for treatment, rehabilitation and research in Burns Weekly CMEs are held every Thursday. Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Research, Skin Bank, Social Workers, Microbiologists are all involved in giving short presentations on a wide range of topics regarding Burns.

  • Rain water Harvesting:

As part of the hospital’s efforts in Saving water and using water to the best possible way, rainwater harvesting plant is installed at NBC. Rainwater harvesting using ground or land surface catchment areas is less complex way of collecting rainwater. This water is then used for gardening and in the washroom for flushing purpose. NBC is able to enjoy the benefits of this eco-friendly approach.

  • Knowledge exchange programme:

These were conducted periodically to enhance the standards of medical, physiotherapy, research to international levels. A team from Cleveland, Ohio had visited for a period of 4 days (15/2/2016-18/2/2016) wherein the detailed approach of entire NBC team was presented and discussed for the up gradation.