Skin Donation
What is Skin Bank:

Storing of cadaveric Skin (preserved in 85%Glycerol) for future use at 4-8 0 C.

Processed skin can be preserved upto 5 years.

Technique used for Skin Bank:

Processing of the harvested skin in skin bank.

Storage of processed skin in skin bank.

Procedure followed for Retrieval:

Shaving and cleaning with water.

Harvesting of Skin in progress

Scrubbing with Betadine scrub.

Shower wash.

Draping with Sterile sheet.

Cleaning with Sterilium.

Lubricating with Paraffin oil.

Harvesting skin of different thickness.

Preserving harvested skin in 50% glycerol.
Bio-Safet y cabinet




Procedure followed in Lab: Phase I
Objectives:To check harvested skin and to lubricate it properly.
All pieces of skin are kept in 85% glycerol.
The skin with 85% glycerol is shaked for 3 hrs. at 33°c, in shaking incubator.
After 3 hrs, the skin immerged in 85% glycerol is stored in freezer at 4°c for 4-6 week till serological reports (red label) comes.
Checking  harvested skin
Pieces of skin in 85% glycerol
In shaking incubator
Phase II
Objective: Final Preservation
After 4 weeks, the skin is taken out from  freezer into biosafety cabinet.
The skins  are cut into  symmetrical strips.
Thick skins are meshed and are given different grades.
Strips of skins are then put  in  sterile vials.
85% glycerol is poured into the Vial containing skin and closed.
The vials containg the glycerol preserved allografts(GPA) are labeled according to the thickness and dimension of skin  it contains.
The sealed vials are stored in freeze at 4°C upto 3 years.

Cutting the Skin into regular size

Meshing of Thick Sking


Meshed Skin Preserved in
Small Sterile Container

Skin Bank
Administrative Office of Skin Bank
Inner view of Skin Bank
Walk-in Fridge
Storing Glycerol Preserved allograft in walk-in fridge
Some of the major causes of Burns in our country are:

Vehicle accidents
Bride burning
3. Cooking on stoves and gas cylinders
industrial burns
Electrical burns
Hot water on children and women
8. Chemical Burns.

Why so High Mortality Rate?

When some one sustains burns injury, the skin is burnt, so the barriers is broken and the body is thrown wide open to entry of infectious agents .If we do not cover the burnt area immidietly with some skin substitutes, then patients die of infection. It is said that skin is the best substitute for another skin .It is also the chiefest substitute compared to artificial skin substitutes. In india 100% mortality is observed in patients having more than 60% burns because patient's own skin is not enough to cover burnt areas and In such a scenario the only option left is use somebody else's skin (ALLOGRAFT). This skin can be taken from the living donors (relatives) but it is painful to take out the skin and leaves some scars behind. Therefore the best option in such a case is to have skin from dead bodies. (Cadaveric skin) This can cover the burns wounds although temporarily but will be instrumental in saving the life of such patients. 80% of such patients can be saved if we have enough skin in skin bank. There arises the need of skin donation, One can donate one's skin after death to save someone else life. The donated skin is harvested within 6-12 hours of death , it is then brought to the skin bank laboratory for further processing and is finally preserved in liquid glycerol as long as 2-5 years.

Skin cannot be harvested from persons suffering from HIV, Skin infection, Cancer, Hepatitis.
How does the donated skin help burns patient?

The skin after being grafted on the burnt area , resurfaces the exposed part thus

Prevents the entry of foreign infectious agents.
Relieves pain.
Controls the loss of fluid, protein, and heat from the body.
It acts as a biologic mal dressing , stick for 3-4 weeks thus giving sufficient time for the patient to recover.
Ultimately it saves a life.
Skin donation Procedure:

Skin donation is very simple procedure. After the death of a donor, the next of his/her authorized kin just need to call our burns helpline number 27643333 of National Burns Centre.

Once the call comes to National Burns Centre for skin donation, Our Skin retrieval team respond within half an-hour of receiving the call. They reach the place of death in a specialized Burns Ambulance. Consent of relative is taken & the retrieval team harvest the skin of the donor only from back and thigh with a special machine called DERMATOME. Only one eighth thickness of the skin is harvested so there is no disfiguring of body at all.It is not even visible to persons who come to pay their homage After the harvesting, the area is bandaged and the donor's body is handed over to the next of the kin. This Procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.
Skin retrieval team of National Burns Centre harvesting skin.
Skin Donation Vehicle: Our Ambasador
Donors Name
Rotary Club of Bombay North Charity Trust
Rotary District General Fund
Rotary Club of Bombay Central Charitable Trust
Rotary Club of Chembur Charitable Trust
Rotary Club of Deonar Mumbai Charity Trust
Rotary Club of Worli Bombay Trust
Rotary Club Of Bombay Bayview Charitable Trust
Rotary Club Of Bombay Juhu Beach Public Charitable Trust
Unless we Donate Skin there is no value of Skin Bank so please donate Skin
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